Levoit Launches Levoit OasisMist™ 1000S Smart Humidifier, Levoit's First-Ever Tower Humidifier

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New Smart Tower Humidifier Features Smart Plant Management Solutions, High Humidification Performance, and Smart Customizations Double Toilet Paper Dispenser

Levoit Launches Levoit OasisMist™ 1000S Smart Humidifier, Levoit

ANAHEIM, Calif. , March 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Levoit, the leader in air purifiers in the US*, has just launched its newest innovation: the Levoit OasisMist™ 1000S Smart Ultrasonic Cool Mist Tower Humidifier. Designed to elevate every household's atmosphere and promote a healthier lifestyle, this is Levoit's first-ever tower humidifier, showcasing smart plant management solutions, superior humidification performance, and intelligent customizations.

With state-of-the-art features, the Levoit OasisMist™ 1000S provides an impressive increased mist output of up to 60%, 50% higher mist height than standard tower humidifiers, and broader coverage, delivering faster and more effective humidification. From infants to adults, furry friends to houseplants, this tower humidifier is the solution to provide optimal humidity for everyone in the family.

The Levoit OasisMist™ 1000S offers users a host of advanced features, including:

"The Levoit OasisMist™ 1000S was created in response to overwhelming customer demand for large capacity humidifiers. This powerful tower humidifier is specially designed for large open living spaces, providing fast, full coverage humidification," said Grace Yang , CEO and Founder of Vesync Co, Ltd. "With the launch of Levoit OasisMist™ 1000S, we're excited to enter a new marketplace and introduce the first tower humidifier to the Levoit product line, thus continuing to provide our customers with long-lasting, healthy humidification solutions."

The Levoit OasisMist™ 1000S Smart Ultrasonic Cool Mist Tower Humidifier is available on Levoit.com for $149.99 . For additional information about Levoit OasisMist™ 1000S visit Levoit.com

Launched in 2016, Levoit connects homes with smart products to create clean and comfortable atmospheres. The brand's collection of air purifiers and humidifiers features industry-leading technologies and smart home applications. As part of the Vesync Family of Brands, Levoit has received worldwide recognition for its continued innovation in reliable, intuitive designs. To learn more, visit www.levoit.com.

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Levoit Launches Levoit OasisMist™ 1000S Smart Humidifier, Levoit

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